Deploy OnePlaceMail App across an organization

Deploying Apps in Microsoft Admin Center: Microsoft Instructions

1. Deploy the Add-in

The OnePlaceMail app can be deployed centrally via the Microsoft Admin Center.

  1. Log into the Microsoft 365 admin center
  1. Select Settings,Integrated Apps
  1. Select Add-ins

  1. Choose Deploy Add-in


Deploy the OnePlaceMail Add-in

  1. Select 'Choose from the Store"

  1. Enter 'OnePlaceMail' in the search box

  1. Select Add

  2. Agree to the OnePlaceMail App permissions and select Continue

Configure the add-in

Once the add-in has been added, determine if all users should have access or set a specific group.

Assign Users

  • Select 'Everyone' to allow all users to have access to the OnePlaceMail App

  • Specify specific users or groups to have access

Deployment Method

Select from the available options to make the add-in available to users.

Recommended: Default deployment option to ensure that the App is available in user's Outlook

The Add-in is now deployed to users.

It can take up to 12 hours for the add-in to appear in user's Outlook

Adding users after deployment

If the OnePlaceMail App has been deployed to users with the option to make the app available to 'Everyone' all users will see the add-in in Outlook.

If the option to only deploy the OnePlaceMail App to specific users was selected, any new users will need to be added to this in the 365 Admin Center

  1. Browse to the 365 Admin Centre

  2. Select Settings > Integrated Apps

  3. Select the ellipses (3 dots) OnePlaceMail App

  4. Select Edit Users

  1. Add additional user names to the 'Specific users/groups'

  2. Select Update