Search (location item)

  • The Search (location item) provides the ability to define a search query (KQL) to return one or more locations from across your SharePoint/Office 365 environment. Locations may include site collections, sites, libraries, lists, folders and document sets.
  • The SharePoint platform and configuration of Search within your environment will determine the richness and accuracy of your search results.

Create a location search

  • Select 'New Item...'
  • Choose 'Search' from the Locations

Create Search item


Determine the behavior when saving to a returned search item in the OnePlaceLive Profile

These settings are currently only available for OnePlace Solutions Desktop.



  • If searching for Site Collections, Sites or Libraries you can use the existing index managed properties of these locations (e.g. Title, UrlDepth, Path) and also create, crawl and make your own hidden property bag columns as Managed Properties (and available for use in search queries)