Rename and replace files with OnePlaceMail & OnePlaceDocs

Rename files when saving to SharePoint

When saving a document to SharePoint via OnePlace Solutions, it is possible to rename the file in the save process.

Select 'Rename Files' within the 'Save to SharePoint Window and rename files being saved.

Rename a document

Supported for SharePoint Online/365, 2019, 2016

It is possible to rename a document that has previously been saved to a SharePoint / Microsoft Teams or OneDrive location

The document can be renamed in OnePlaceMail or OnePlaceDocs Explorer:

Overwrite Existing Files

Files in a SharePoint location will not be overridden unless the ‘Override Existing Files’ option is checked in the Save to SharePoint window. If the option is checked, the original file will be overridden and managed according to the SharePoint configurations.

If document versioning is not enabled on the document library, the file will be uploaded and will replace the existing file with the same document name

Versioning enabled on the library:

In the scenario where versioning is enabled on the document library, and 'Overwrite Existing Files' is selected then the file that is being saved will be saved as a new version of the existing document with the same name.

Require documents to be checked out:

If a document library has the version control setting 'Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited' you will be unable to overwrite the existing file. If the file is already checked-out by someone else, you will also be unable to overwrite it.