Current release downloads & resources

Current Release R8.6| version 30.29.22255.5

Please ensure you have selected the permission consent on behalf of your organization before deploying R8.5. Click here to learn more

Enterprise Deployment

  1. Select Office version for your environment

  2. Download MSI files & pre-requisite files

  3. Package and deploy OnePlace Solutions products with MSI switches

MSI files for client deployment

Select the MSI file based off the version of Office installed. Please ensure that pre-requisites have been installed prior to deploying MSI files


OnePlace Solutions Administration Site

SharePoint PnP

SharePoint 2013 | 2016 | 2019 | 365

OnePlace Solutions Site Watch video Instructions
Email site columns Watch video Instructions

Support for BCS columns

BCS support is available for SharePoint On-Premises

SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019

OnePlaceLive Services

Required for the Email Tracking service

Email Tracker download