Deploy the client software

OnePlace Solutions Desktop software msi files can be deployed by any deployment product, such as SCCM, InTune, Group Policy or other third party tools.

Prepare Pre requisite software

Prior to installing OnePlaceMail or OnePlaceDocs, pre-requisites must be deployed to each client installation

Install OnePlace Solutions suite via MSI files

  • Ensure you have the correct version of the OnePlace Solutions software for the version of Outlook/Office on the target machines.

  • By default, the Subscription Id will be auto deployed to all users. If this option is not taken, please set the Subscription Id at time of deployment.
  • Settings URL parameter references the url for the OnePlace Solutions site
SharePoint On-Premises can license the software with legacy licensing

Deploying via MSI & Auto Subscribe enabled

Deploying via MSI with Subscription Id

SharePoint On-Premises Only [No M365]

If you have a Microsoft 365 Accounts, you can use the Subscription Id licensing. Please review instructions here
For SharePoint On-Premises site the OnePlace Solutions Desktop Suite can be licensed using legacy licensing. The License key needs to be added to a list in the OnePlace Solutions admin site.
To disable anonymous telemetry across the enterprise the following parameter should be set at time of deployment: TELEMETRYENABLED=0

Copy this msi file/s to a shared network location that is accessible to all users and computers and ensure all users have read access to this file.