Licensing OnePlaceMail & OnePlaceDocs

The OnePlace Solutions suite of products is licensed on a named user basis. 

The Desktop Software license is managed centrally in a SharePoint list and the OnePlace Solutions desktop software references this license list.

License List

The license list is automatically created when you add the OnePlace Solutions site.

If you haven't completed this step - please select the following link:

1. Locate List ID

Browse to the OnePlace Solutions site previously created.

The List ID will be available on the OnePlace Solutions site:

2. Request license key

Please email the Customer Success team the List ID for the creation of your license key

3. Attach license key

On receipt of the license key from the Customer Success team, attach or replace the license key in the license list in SharePoint .

Save the received key locally to your machine, or network drive. You will need to attach this to the license list.

If you are replacing an existing key, please ensure the original key is removed. A license list can only have one valid key stored in the list.

4. Connect Desktop Software to the central license list

Connect OnePlaceMail and OnePlaceDocs client install to the central license list in SharePoint.